"The contents of someone’s bookcase are part of his history, like an ancestral portrait.” Anatole Broyard

 “When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes.” Erasmus

“Books are as lively, and as vigorously productive, as those fabulous dragon’s teeth: and being sown up and down, may chance to spring up armed men.” John Milton

“Real reading cannot be pure recreation…The writer’s business is to lay you flat if he can, to make you feel the active presence of forces and influences, to rouse, startle, interest, amuse, satisfy.” Arthur Christopher Benson

“Most of us know what we should expect to find in a dragon’s lair, but, as I said before, Eustace had read only the wrong books. They had a lot to say about exports and imports and governments and drains, but they were weak on dragons.” C.S. Lewis, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

“The books I read are the ones I knew and loved when I was a young man and to which I return as you do to friends…Dickens, Conrad, Cervantes–Don Quixote…I’ve read these books so often that I don’t always begin at page one and read on to the end. I just read one scene, or about one character just as you’d meet and talk to a friend for a few minutes.” William Faulkner